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The point is smart, experienced people.

Our people truly set us apart. We work with a select group of independent consultants each of whom we know personally. We've worked with each and every one of them. They've been there, done that. Moreover, they are well versed in our approaches and methodologies. The result? You get exactly the right person to fit the task. Consultants who know what they're doing. And how to do it.

Lori K. Cox
Lori Cox has managed, developed and executed corporate and marketing communications programs for more than 17 years. Her achievements include successfully building a marketing services department from scratch and introducing a new brand in the desktop color printer category for Electronics for Imaging. She has consulted with major high technology companies including Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems, promoting a wide range of product categories such as publishing software, color printing, semiconductors, UNIX and Java operating systems and storage.

K. Quinn Ellis
Quinn Ellis brings to our clients over 20 years of global high technology marketing and senior management experience. Quinn has successfully led the positioning, messaging, and marketing communications efforts for Microsoft's Advanced Technology Division and Apple Computer's Product Marketing Division. Within one year at Microsoft, Quinn initiated, launched and ran a $20 million subscription-based business, saving Microsoft an estimated $40 million in support costs per year. Her consumer marketing, agency and high-technology career includes the launch of over 40 new products. Having transitioned her team members and herself through numerous rounds of layoffs and over 20 reorganizations, Quinn also offers our clients in-depth experience in organizational management solutions.

Tammy McBride
Tammy McBride offers our clients more than 14 years of experience in marketing strategy, program development and project management. She was responsible for launching SCO's Worldwide Partner Program, a new technical certification program for channels and end users, and a worldwide marketing communications program. She has led several large worldwide product and service launches, as well as developed sales and technical training programs for clients such as Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Exodus Communications.

Charlotte McGee
Charlotte McGee has 18 years of marketing and launch management experience. She managed Kinko's national advertising campaign to reposition it as a business, leading edge, service center, shifting up to 16% of the retail, small business and corporate targets in the first three months. At Apple, she led the development of back-to-school promotions and spearheaded demand generation programs for the Power Macintosh in business markets. As a consultant, Charlotte has led several successful worldwide product introductions for major high technology firms and has developed advertising strategies and integrated marketing communications programs. Charlotte is the recipient of an Effie for advertising.

Jennifer Neal
Jennifer Neal offers a diverse background as a writer, graphics designer, new media producer and marketing program manager. She was responsible for all communications to SCO's worldwide partners, receiving recognition by VAR Business magazine as the best in the industry in 1999/2000. She has successfully managed the design, development and delivery of collateral and product logo design for AT&T, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, among others. And she has consulted with major computer systems companies, developing sales and technical training programs, designing and implementing seminars, and spearheading web development projects.

Ann Sayer
Ann Sayer offers over 18 years of marketing and brand management experience in high technology and packaged goods, covering both the client and agency sides. At Apple, she led the marketing efforts for Holiday promotions, and was a key player in implementing programs for the business and government markets. Her agency experience includes Foote, Cone and Belding, where she managed Pacific Bell, Levi Strauss, Epson America and D&B Software. She also managed Microsoft's UK account, Olivetti and Iomega in London. Ann has consulted with Microsoft WebTV Networks, RealNames and Hewlett Packard, among others.

Ellen Spalding
Ellen Spalding brings to our clients more than 18 years of experience in high-tech marketing, sales training, customer support, and project management. Ellen's accomplishments include defining and implementing corporate collateral systems, field communications and sales tools including ROIs, case studies, white papers, FAQs, presentations, sales guides, and webinars. Her training expertise includes the design, development, delivery and measurement of live, webinar and leader led training programs for high-tech companies. As a technical communication specialist, Ellen has expertise in developing user guides and training software users in the utility of new applications. Recent assignments include partner marketing program management at Hewlett Packard.

Susan Spencer
Susan Spencer has more than 19 years of corporate marketing experience covering both client and agency sides. She has worked with companies in the high technology, environmental and occupational health, biomedical sciences, and insurance industries. Her consulting assignments include analyst relations management for storage products, internal communications for a consulting organization, and the establishment of a success story development process to support direct sales around the world. She has consulted with major high-technology companies, including Hewlett Packard and Exodus Communications.

Chris VanHoy
Chris VanHoy brings our clients more than 20 years of experience in high technology marketing and operations. At Apple Computer, Chris transformed the company's literature production and distribution program into a self-liquidating catalog operation, saving $12 million annually. She also created a worldwide Apple trademark licensing program that contributed royalty payments of $5 million, and developed an extended warranty product that increased unit sales by over 50%. As Director of Marketing Communications at Inktomi, she helped increase unaided awareness from 13% to 70% in one year. Chris consults with start ups and major high-technology companies, and is sought for her in-depth knowledge and successful experience managing merchandising, trademark licensing and catalog operations.

Jane McMurry
Jane McMurry has managed marketing projects for some of Silicon Valley's leading high-technology companies over the past six years, including Palm Computing, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, and Apple Computer. She has managed the production of marketing, sales and educational collateral, including print, video, CD-ROM and Web-based materials. Jane also has successfully produced several events for high-tech companies, including trade show events, Webcasts and user group tours.

Sue Redmore
Sue Redmore's background includes more than 20 years of marketing communications, channel marketing and business development in domestic and international high technology markets. She managed all European product introductions for Altos Computer, and turned its training center into a profit center. At RAM Mobile Data she implemented a pan-European PR strategy and established its telemarketing-based lead generation strategy. At Wyse Technology she established a VAR authorization program that resulted in 300 new resellers in 12 months and a 30% increase in sales. Her consulting assignments include development of web sites, co-branded direct mail campaigns, channel promotions, and project management of collateral among others.

John Rinehart
John Rinehart brings more than 17 years of sales and marketing experience in both large and small high technology environments. His expertise includes product strategy and marketing, alliance partner development, channel management, and business development. At Hewlett-Packard, he was responsible for midrange UNIX computer products that generated more than $75 million in annual sales, and managed relationships with major relational database companies, including Oracle, Informix, and ASK/Ingres. John brings a global perspective with over four years of international experience based in France. Industry solution experience includes computer hardware, CRM, partner relationship management, call centers, data base systems, decision support, and internet infrastructure.

Javier Villalobos
Javier Villalobos has more than 13 years of experience in high technology marketing. Javier led Apple Computer's higher education strategic national sales program, contributing 20% revenue growth. As co-marketing manager for Apple, he led teams that brought new programs to the K-12, higher education, software developers and home learning market segments. He orchestrated Apple's curriculum solutions designed to address the needs of multilingual students in the U.S. Javier's consulting assignments include development of integrated marketing communication plans, direct marketing programs, multimedia and web tools for companies like Exodus Communications, Palm and Hewlett Packard.

Carmen Lucas
Carmen Lucas' involvement in high-technology marketing spans more than seven years. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, she was a key member of the team that introduced Hewlett-Packard's customer reference program to Europe and Latin America. She has consulted with Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and other Silicon Valley companies on a variety of corporate identity, graphic design, and web publishing consulting projects.

Amy St. Clair
Amy St. Clair has been working in high-tech marketing for four years. Her program experience includes managing a campus representative program to market career-search products for in 15 campuses, and community and internal communications programs at RealNames Corporation. Amy's achievements include generating $1M of public relations coverage during the 2000 elections for RealNames, and enlisting 18 national political candidates to incorporate RealNames Internet Keywords into campaign materials.

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