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Case Study

Market Research — A Critical Step to Positioning Your Product or Service

The Problem

An information technology vendor wanted to promote its services focused on helping the target audience build an IT infrastructure tailored to the prospects' needs. Before moving forward, they wanted to ensure that their messages resonated with prospects.


Before implementing the marketing campaign, KnowledgePoint conducted focus groups to test messaging and positioning. KnowledgePoint Marketing worked closely with the client to develop a discussion guide that appropriately isolated key issues and ensured that the research objectives would be met. KnowledgePoint managed the screening and recruitment of group participants to ensure that only those meeting key criteria would be in attendance.
The focus group research uncovered key insights regarding how to position the company's services in the most relevant and compelling way. The target audience did not feel that it needed to build an infrastructure, since they already had one in place. When shown the intended campaign messaging, the prospects drew the conclusion that this IT provider's offering was not what they were looking for. What they really needed was help in making their existing infrastructure more efficient, integrating new solutions and making it more flexible.
Had the vendor not tested their positioning before commencing development of marketing materials, they would not have increased consideration of the IT vendor as a potential provider (despite the fact that it's products could in actuality meet the prospects' needs).


Without understanding the target audience's mindset, the IT provider would not have known what obstacles it was trying to overcome, risking its marketing efforts by incorrectly positioning its services relative to the prospect's problem. Qualitative research helped the provider develop a more relevant marketing approach based on the insights and perceptions of the target audience.

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