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Case Study

Aligning Market Perception With Reality

The Problem

Market analysts saw this organization as late-to-the-game without a well-defined strategy or compelling product differentiation. The storage organization of a major IT systems vendor contacted KnowledgePoint Marketing seeking an interim analyst relations manager.


The company needed a consultant who could conduct an analyst road show the following week, then create and implement a roadmap to favorably position the storage organization, its market strategy and product offerings in the midst of sweeping company-wide repositioning and reorganization.

During the road show, the KnowledgePoint Marketing consultant quickly saw that the company's self-perception did not align with how the analysts viewed the company. The challenge was to close the gap. The consultant developed a communications plan with very specific objectives:

Clarify the storage organization's position in the market and demonstrate its strengths.
Increase its visibility in the analyst community, creating positive impressions and obtaining endorsements.
Establish and reinforce relationships between key company executives and the respective analysts.


The KnowledgePoint Marketing consultant's initial report helped the organization see itself through the eyes of the analyst community. Implementation of the plan positioned the organization favorably with analysts, as evidenced by positive treatment in analyst reports, favorable quotes in press releases and published articles, and receipt of a prestigious award from an analyst firm for the company's storage solutions for e-business data centers - not to mention the good will.

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