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Case Study

Creating a Plan to Secure Dominant Positioning

The Problem

Defining the right marketing for a new product is critical to its success. And start-up companies often have just one chance to get their marketing strategy right and gain market share.


At this Silicon Valley company, KnowledgePoint Marketing rapidly identified the need to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications plan that would enable the company to develop the right programs and investment levels necessary to correctly establish their products in the market.

KnowledgePoint created an integrated marketing communications plan combining advertising, direct marketing, collateral, event marketing, web marketing, public relations and analyst relations. The closed-loop strategy incorporated an assessment of tactics, pro-forma media plans, pro-forma schedule and pro-forma budgets.
KnowledgePoint conducted focus groups to ensure a differentiated position in the market and to validate the clientÕs proposed messaging.
KnowledgePoint served as the interface between the advertising agency and executive management to: evaluate campaign ideas, advise the agency on the target market, and test campaign concepts on prospects.


The Integrated Marketing Communications plan focused the company on the key activities required to promote its brand and products. As a result, the company moved to implementation mode with KnowledgePoint Marketing consultants filling in the gaps where no resources were available for implementation.

The result was an advertising campaign that met the company's budget and jump-started product sales, securing a strong market position.

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